The simplest way to monetize your digital assets

A blockchain based marketplace where anyone can
securely collect, build and trade any kind of digital assets

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Zenodys Ecosystem


Tackling massive asset fragmentation, interoperability and privacy breaches that prevent our lives and businesses to be truly connected and automated


To create the simplest and safe marketplace for digital assets that anyone on the planet can use


By providing an ecosystem that combines simple to use marketplace with powerful automation tools and zero-knowledge privacy infrastructure.

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Digital Assets

Digital asset - data
Personal, social, IoT, machines, governmental, health...
Digital asset - content
Files, music, media, art, knowledge, content
Digital asset - professional assets
Algorithms, code, APIs digital twins, AR/VR
Digital asset - ui/design
Design, logos, graphics, user interfaces
Digital asset - data
Applications, services, dApps

Zenodys marketplace

The marketplace effectively matches supply and demand, adds value to the assets
down the chain and provides automation to facilitate the exchange.

supply and demand of digital assets supported by blockchain

Pre-sale Whitelist is open

The secret sauce

The marketplace is powered by the award wining Zenodys platform

The platform allows complex collecting of assets and building without any programming needed, It also makes developers way more efficient.

The platform also sets foundations for asset standardisation and automation and provides backbone technology for node system. The platform has mature technology and has been tested and used in highly demanding industrial cases.


How our service works

Problems we address




Fragmentation The composition of digital assets is hugely fragmented, lacking an established value or method of distribution When assets are uploaded they appear automatically in a standardized format
Skills required Programming skills are required to turn assets into digital products. Many valuable assets therefore remain unavailable Supported by automation and visual approach anyone can turn raw assets into monetizable products in just a few clicks.
Interoperability Non-standardised assets are difficult to integrate into applications Each asset can be combined with another one listed on the network in just a simple drag and drop.
Privacy A system of trust hardly exists between different parties while privacy breaches remain an issue Blockchain technology provides a robust, trustworthy and anonymous framework to store assets
Trade barriers Logistical barriers exist between buyers and sellers Buyers and sellers are automatically matched with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) matching algorithm
Zenodys hardware and software IoT connectors

Key benefits

  • Anyone can participate (no coding skills are required)
  • Simple start (monetisation of digital assets takes five minutes)
  • Instant access to any asset on the network
  • Smart algorithms match buyers and sellers
  • An intelligent value chain benefits everyone
  • Guaranteed transparency, privacy and security

Pre-sale Whitelist is open


Token sale event details


Token name CoinZZ
Token symbol ZZ
Token Standard ERC-20
Start planned in April 2019
Duration 30 Days
Token supply 5,000,000,000 ZZ
Token price 0.01 USD
Sale cap 31,000,000 USD
Total cap 50,000,000 USD
  • Pre-sale start: March 2019.
  • Public sale: April 2019
Zenodys token structure

Token utility

  • Uploads to the distributed network
  • Purchase or usage of digital products and applications
  • Advertising of offerings
  • Rewards for activity and good behaviour
  • Other services (reviews, assurances, etc)

Zenodys token utility


January 2015
Platform development started
May 2015
Raised capital at 1 mio valuation
November 2015
Platform commercialisation
April 2019
Token sale event
May 2019
Start populating platform with digital products
June 2019
Open sourcing platform
July 2019
Call for developers participation
July 2019
UI Improvements
July 2019
Marketplace MVP
July 2019
Node network open protocol MVP
August 2019
Marketplace 1.0 with first monetization
September 2019
Open calls system 1.0
October 2019
Zenodys Open call platform initiative Enterprise and community open calls
October 2019
Additional UI improvements
December 2019
Marketplace 2.0
February 2020
Node network and open protocol 2.0
May 2020
Open calls system 2.0

Why you should participate

  • Seasoned team with market proven high-end technology

    We are a dynamic team with a proven track record and robust business model. Having already developed a state-of-the-art working product, our clients include Festo, Alliander AG, KPMG and RWE.

  • No dark periods on the roadmap

    Our product will allow initial monetisation shortly after the ICO.

  • Market growth opportunities

    Our offering combines the Internet of Things (IoT), AI and the blockchain, introducing these technologies to a hugely attractive development market.

  • Compliant with current legislations

    The Zenodys token will obtain validation as a utility from a trusted third-party audit. We will enforce comprehensive Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) checks to minimise any potential risks.

  • ICO attractiveness

    The Zenodys ICO has been selected by ICOBox a historic record with more than 46.000 votes.

Pre-sale Whitelist is open


Tomaž has been in software development for 20 years and in hardware programming for 5 years. Before co-founding Zenodys, Tomaž worked as a senior developer and manager in telcos, a manufacturing company and a financial multinational institution. Tomaž holds a B.E. in computer sciences.

Jernej has been in internet-related technologies business development for 20 years and in the field of digital marketing for 7 years. Before co-founding Zenodys, Jernej founded a successful digital marketing agency and has also performed consulting for many multinationals, SMEs and startups. Jernej holds a B.A. in psychology and an M.B.A. from Kansas University.

Andrea has a background in computer sciences and has been in the web and graphic design industry for 10 years. Before co-founding Zenodys, he worked for several Slovenian and Swiss (Rocketbrush) companies. He was also a co-founder of a Slovenian fitness booking system startup.

Karl’s key expertise is in digital transformation for large global enterprises - focusing primarily on technology strategy, Big Data, blockchain & ERP, and foundational analytics. His client experience with EY, AC Nielsen and RSM have included working for clients like Colgate-Palmolive, PepsiCo and Fannie Mae. Karl is a Purdue University alumni and obtained an MBA from CIMBA Italy.

James is a trained mechanical engineer with a postgraduate degree in technology from Imperial College London. James is a keen rugby player and a lover of all things tech. He has won the Mayor of London’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur Award. James has a huge amount of industry knowledge after working with PTC and their IoT, industry 4.0 and digital twin technology.

Philibert is a young security and SysOps engineer with an impressive track record. Philibert has been tackling on-the-edge challenges in cloud and distributed computing, blockchain, system integration and security for 8 years. He has worked for enterprises and startups, mostly focusing on the financial sector.

Vedran has over 15 years experience in software development. Worked as a contractor for the largest companies in GIS, telecommunications, bank industry all over the world. He is also founder of POS InfoS with over 500 professional users. For the last 3 years he’s been also involved in blockchain development. Vedran holds a B.Sc. in computer and information sciences.

Hrvoje has 6 years of experience with Technical aspects of BI gained from a number of successful domestic and international DW/BI projects. Providing consulting services in different areas, from high-level system architecture design to blockchain implementation. Hrvoje holds Master Degree of Information Science.

Zan has been in business for 15 years and has started a number of companies. He was one of the first speakers on social media in his country and is among one of the best YouTube experts in the world since he advises clients with over 100 milion views. He is the author of many articles on marketing, social media and writes his own blog. He has advised or taken part in over a hundred projects mostly in the area of marketing. He has a Masters Degree in business sciences.

Chirag is a technologist with a strong background in Strategy, Manufacturing & Business Development. During his professional tenure he worked with various industries & mncs across the globe gaining extensive industry knowledge & network. He is an active member of start-up ecosystem in Berlin & has a solid understanding of IOT, Blockchain, AI & its applications. Chirag holds an MBA in Finance from IUBH.


Julien has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and services, much of it at CEO level. He has worked in more than 80 countries across five continents and participated in over $1.7 bn of purchase, sale and financing transactions. More recently, with his partner, he invested in more than 40 early stage ventures. He holds a master’s degree in telecom engineering.

Efrat Judovits is a business development expert with over 15 years of experience in building strategic teams and driving growth worldwide. As a CPA with an Executive M.B.A., Efrat is a superconnector. She was a founding member and head of Deloitte’s International Business Development Team and lead the Global Growth at YCD in NYC. Currently she is the owner of Efrat was 23rd amongst the 100 most influential people in Israeli hi-tech in 2015.

Peter Merc has a master and Ph.D. in banking law. He is cofounder of Lemur Legal, leading legal advisory company for blockchain and fintech projects. Among clients are Eligma, CargoX, X8currency, Trusted Health, Robotina, Blocksquare, Netis, Bitnik, BTC d.d., etc. Peter was founder and initial lead coordinator of Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia, policy making and blockchain advocacy NGO. In October 2017, Peter was appointed to supervisory board of Abanka d.d., Slovenian systemic bank.

Tomaz has been helping large and mid-sized global enterprises to collect and make good use of their data to gain business advantage for over 15 years. He has significant managerial experience in the IT industry and has been working with high-tech companies in the EU and the US from start-up to mature stages for 25 years. Tomaž holds an M.A. in computer science from Cambridge University, UK, and completed his M.B.A. at INSEAD, France.

Experienced in developing market and credit information business over South Europe. He has worked as managing director, executive director and business intelligence director and successfully run many international projects. Robert has also experience in financing, when he was head of M&A in a brokerage house. Until recently, he was managing and technical director at Bisnode (SEE region).

Ph.D. in artificial intelligence at the University of Bremen in Germany. Esteban has six years of experience as researcher at the Institute of Artificial Intelligence with focus on wearables and AI. Currently, Esteban is consulting various companies in the fields of applied AI and machine learning. He is CEO and founder of Wearhealth.

Matej has more than 15 years of experience in the areas of statistical modeling, applied mathematics, finance, risk, asset management and business intelligence. He worked in the information technology and financial sector where he implemented various quantitative based models for decision-making support and automation. He holds a degree in mathematics and computer science.

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