Zenodys interview with Mona Huebl

ELI5: Explain me like I’m 5 - Zenodys product

Interview with Mona from WeXelerate
01. Ok, so what do you do? Impress me!

Well Mona, we are building a decentralized marketplace, so simple that anyone can collect, build and trade any digital asset.

02. A marketplace? Yet another?

Yeah, I know what you mean, but fear not! This is a digital asset marketplace that simply doesn’t exist yet. Everything so far has been exclusive for techies, nothing for the average Joe.

03. Hm, pretty promising. What do you want to do exactly?

Our plan is to create the world’s first database for every digital asset out there, let it be in digital or physical form. All these assets will be always reachable, searchable and easily reusable in millions of ways, including the building of applications.

04. Huh, this sounds like Google on steroids!

Well, you said it, Mona. That sounds kind of appropriate.

05. Ok, stop it, don’t get cocky. Google solves many problems, what do you solve?

We, all of us in this world, have an enormous amount of digital assets with a huge value, but they are incredibly spread all around, stuck in ‘digital swamps’ and looking so different from each other them that they seem like they simply can’t be combined together. An impossible task. Just like owning Lego bricks from different manufacturers. That made me mad, because they never fit together. Well, we solve all of this.

06. So if I understand you correctly the disruptive part is that you provide a simple way to collect this huge amount of Lego bricks spread everywhere, put them together on the table in sizes that fit one another. Which means that now you could build nice ‘houses’ with them? The applications?.

That’s right.

07. And all of this with no programming needed, whatsoever?


08. Ok, I am convinced now, but this sounds like a very complicated task

In a way. That’s why we need everyone's help and the power of crowds. We can’t do it alone and neither can the corporations. Plus, because of all the privacy and security concerns, we would never trust corporations to take control.
To convince you a bit further: check out our visual Internet of Things (IoT) platform. We are proud of how cool it looks!

09. Sure, will do. We also know that people are hard to motivate. How do you plan to do that?

That’s where the reward systems come in. Everyone that wants to participate will be rewarded. Anyone that wants to help organize the digital world will be able to earn.

10. Cool, but what in a squirrels’ name are ‘digital assets’?

Mona, people find the term confusing, we know, but it simply means anything that comes in a digital form: data (social, search, personal, business, etc.), content, algorithms, AR/VR, digital twins, code, applications, dApps, and the list goes on.
A digital asset is anything that comes in a digital form and that might be a representation of the physical world.

11. Now why do you think people will be able to do that? Sounds very technical.

That’s our biggest advantage: our platform allows people to use assets to build applications with just simple drag and dropping, and then monetize them. The system is that simple.

12. But wouldn’t developers feel threatened by you?

Not at all, Mona. We will make their lives way simpler, because they will be able to build their solutions in a much faster way. Also, they will be able to build reusable services and sell them on a scaled replicable way. Every time their solution get dragged and dropped into another project, they will earn exactly the price they asked for.

13. What can you do once assets are on blockchain?

You just drag and drop them to use them, combine them with other assets and to build wonderful applications with them.

14. If your plan succeeds, you could be like the next evil corp, right?

No, that will be impossible. We are going to open source everything. Everything will be transparent and all the analytics anonymized and publicly availalble. As a side effect, then, there will be a huge database of human behaviour available to everyone. Cool, huh?

15. Geez, now you sound like you want to be Facebook

You said it Mona, not me. Innovation does sound awesome, right?

16. Yeah, but do you have an evil plan?

Not at all. Nowadays it’s very hard to involve enterprises with your product. If you give them something they don’t have, they will jump on board. Thing is though, we want to involve people and companies to sell them their assets without breaching the privacy they need to optimize their business, so that at the end virtually everyone benefits. That’s a win-win-win.

17. I’m not scared. Now, why are you making the world a better place, then?

On personal level, everyone has all these assets and we will enable them to monetize them without giveaways or tradeoffs. We are creating real possibilities for passive income, and not that’s not exactly nickles: I’m talking about real income
On a global scale, we are big believers that people all around the world should be involved in the shaping of this digital revolution: through the simplicity we want to provide them with.

Made up interview with Mona Huebl (weXelerate)