Finally you can earn from your digital products

We all have digital assets - potentially worth hundreds and thousands dollars.
This represents a trillion dollar market that virtually doesn’t exist.


Personal, social, search, IoT, machines, governmental, health…


Files, music, media, art, knowledge, content

Professional assets

Algorithms, code, APIs digital twins, AR/VR

UI / Design

Design, logos, graphics, user interfaces


Applications, services, dApps

Zenodys presents the first global development platform and marketplace - powered by blockchain technology - allowing anyone to make money from their existing digital assets or build new ones.

The solution is powered by market
leading Zenodys visual platform.

End customers benefit from a significant reduction in cost, data fragmentation and development time - as well as massive increases in interoperability, - enabling crowd sourced AI, digital twin, IoT, machine learning and industry 4.0 projects to be delivered more efficiently.

Zenodys hardware and software IoT connectors


  • Anyone can participate (no-coding skills needed)
  • Simple start (monetization in 5 minutes)
  • Smart algorithms match demand and supply
  • Intelligent value chain where everyone benefits
  • Transparency, privacy and security from scratch
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